Shoonye is a software company. We make simple, elegant products.

We are an engineering focused software company based in Bangalore. Our mission is to provide simple and elegant solutions to problems.

Why the name Shoonye?

It's inspired by the Sanskrit word "shoonye", frequently anglicized to be pronounced as "shoonya". Shoonye means "zero" - nothing. So why do we call ourselves 'nothing'?

Shoonye has a long history in mathematics. Mathematicians and philosophers have forever dabbled with the problem of representing nothing. After all, how can nothing be something? Eventually, this was solved when the concept of 'shoonye' was invented in India. Shoonye was not just a placeholder, it was treated like another number. Ever since then, shoonye has played a fundamental role in mathematics. It was, and is, the basis of many algebraic structures. It was a simple yet elegant solution to an age-old problem.

We take our inspiration from this simple solution and internalize this philosophy into each of our actions. We take time to anyalize the problem and strive to provide a solution that can be foundation of a new begining.






Founder. The Morpheus of this Matrix. Apart from his family and coding, he loves trekking and photography. Before starting Shoonye he was a freelance consultant. He spent his time at IIT Kanpur hacking Linux, C & Java.


Bal Krishna

The Backend engineer. Loves cooking and traveling. Crash landed here after a turbulent flight through Ramaiah College & Oracle. He is Mr. Reliable! Put something on him and you can consider it done!



The Finance Manager. If it wasn't for her, there'd be nothing here to read. Seriously, she makes sure we have all the comforts and everyting in office runs smoothly. Loves cooking, trekking and beaches.


Feel free to reach us, get connected and ask for more details.

Shoonye Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

No. 354, 1st C Cross
Koramangala 8th Block
Bangalore - 560 095, India

Phone: +91 80 40968295
Mail us at : info@shoonye.com

Why should you join us?

  • Cherish your Individuality
    You can put your personality into product we build. Change the world and show others your way of doing it.
  • Enliven your passion
    Coding is your passion but you may have other interests too. We encourage anything interesting - cooking, trekking, football, photography etc.
  • Take ownership
    You will have to take complete ownership of the customer experience. We expect you to provide solutions what will inspire many.
  • Don't work, have fun
    Because you love challanges and we have many challenging problems to be solved. You have family of like minded people around you.
  • Revolutionize
    We buid disruptive product that will change the life of people around us. You will change the way people see their lives.

We are bunch of passionate people, who are love building awesome software. If you

  • are passionate about problem-solving and find optimal solutions
  • have object oriented brain
  • are strong in computer science fundamentals
  • are passionate about each line of code that your write

Reach us at jobs@shoonye.com.


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